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Fire Safety Signs in Glasgow

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Fire Safety Sign Suppliers

The use of fire safety signs are essential to help people find their way out of dangerous situations. While signs may be everywhere, they are actually critical in communicating important safety information. They can also help reduce workplace accidents and convey a message quickly and clearly.

Escaping your building safely and efficiently requires installing fire safety indicators that point you in the correct route. Also, the current safety legislation requires the use of appropriate signage systems BS5499.

In case of emergency, a property’s occupants must be safely evacuated’. Fire safety equipment and Glasgow fire safety signs are our specialities at OnGuard Fire Protection.

For commercial customers, we can provide all types of fire safety signs. No matter how many you require, our team can assist you. 

An illuminous fire safety sign is pointing towards the exit in an office space.

Extinguisher Identity Signs

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How do fire safety signs help?

In most circumstances, safety signs are a legal necessity for health and safety reasons, so it is essential to understand what kind of safety signs you are looking for.

Safety Command Signs

The purpose of the sign will affect the styling of the design….

Fire Exit Signs

These are usually green and signify that the route is safe. Hence, they will frequently include the trip direction.

Health and Safety Signs

These are usually blue with white writing and contain cautions such as "fire door keep closed."

Warning Signs

These signs, always triangular in design, indicate when a hazard or fire risk is present, such as 'warning flammable gases.'

Fire Equipment Signs

They are red to match the item they are highlighting. Most commonly seen next to fire extinguishers.